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Spa Treatment Services and Rates

Spa Treatments 


Cellulite Treatment    $45 Full Body Treatment                                                                      

 I use a 100% natural bristle brush stroking towards the hart to exfoliate your skin (to allow cellulite oil to soak in better) while increasing your circulation and lymph flow revealing new, soft, glowing skin. Then I massage in my special cellulite oil, w/ pure essential oils added to stimulate your circulation & lymph flow, have diuretic qualities and help balance your hormones, all of which fight cellulite.

Dry Brush Polish        $35 Full Body Treatment                                                                            

 Therapy for your skin! I use a 100% natural bristle brush to exfoliate your skin, increasing your circulation and lymph flow while revealing new, soft, glowing skin, than I massage in your pick of lotion or massage oil to hydrate & moisturize your skin.


Aromabliss Treatment

 $60 Spot Treatment or $30 as an add-on service

 First enjoy sugar scrub with warming herbs and CBD (cannabis) oil, followed by a clay mask with herbs, essential and CBD oils, to detoxify the area while the herbs and CBD and essential oils work their anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, pain reliving magic in the area of your choice as I massage your choice of hands, head, or feet. Then relax as I remove the clay with hot towels and finish of CBD and essential oil infused massage oil great for for general pain, fibromyalgia and anxiety relief. Clay not used in 


Dead Sea Mud Wrap     

$60 Full Body or $20 Spot Treatment                            

 First increase your circulation & lymph while revealing fresh new skin w/ a light exfoliation, than enjoy as all natural Dead Sea mud is applied to your skin. Relax to soothing music as the mud removes toxins & impurities, as your skin soaks in 26 known minerals, softening, toning, and minimizing aches and pains in joints and muscles. Next enjoy the hot towels I use to clean the Dead Sea  mud off your skin, finishing w/ a moisturizing lotion or oil massaged into your skin. 


Sea Breeze Wrap        

 $60 Full body or $20 Spot Treatment  

  First increase your circulation & lymph flow, reveling fresh new skin w/ a light exfoliation, than relax in a warm cocoon seaweed wrap w/ soothing music while stimulating your metabolism, detoxifying, and regenerating your skin. Next, enjoy as I remove seaweed wrap w/ heated towels, finishing off w/ your choice of nourishing lotion or massage oil to add moisture to your skin.


Invigorating Foot Treatment          

 $40 or $30 as a add-on service

 Relaxing! First enjoy soaking your feet in Himalayan salts w/ the pure  essential  oils of your choice, than a sugar scrub, ending in a soothing foot massage w/ your choice lotion, massage oil or body butter.


Deluxe Foot Treatment                  

$45 Or  $35 as a add-on service

 Therapy for your feet! First enjoy an invigorating sugar scrub, then sit back as dead sea mud is applied, relax as the dead sea mud draws out toxins, soothing achy feet & leaving your feet feeling soft & smooth, melt away as I finish w/ hot towels and a soothing foot massage w/ your choice lotion, massage oil or body butter.

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