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Me on a suuny day at the rose gaarden  Welcome to A Keys Massage      

 For everyone's safety during the pandemic I am requiring everyone to wear a mask except for when laying face-down. Please practice social distancing, wear your mask and of course wash your hands. Thank-you for your patience and understanding. WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Stay happy and healthy! 

Do you enjoy deep pressure while still being able to fully relax? Do you enjoy longer massage sessions? Then you'll love me! I am dedicated to reliving your low back, neck and shoulder pain, and promoting a healing balance for my clients. I provide a nurturing, firm, relaxing, effective massage.  Finally, reduce/remove your pain and stress! I'll work with you to bring you back to balance and ultimate health!

Providing Therapeutic Massage Services

I provide Swedish Fusion Massage (a combination of Swedish, Chinese and Thai massage), Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Cupping and various Spa Treatments.

A True Full Body Massage

When I give a full body massage it's a true full body massage, no skipping the gluts, abs or quads with plenty of stretching and some acupressure points, a little hot stone to warm up especially tight muscle and cupping if desired and needed too! Sensitive skin? No worries. I use all natural oils with high quality pure essential oils in all my massage oils & spa treatments to enhance your enjoyment & results.

Serving the Portland-Beaverton, Oregon area

I never rush. I take time to find out the clients wants & needs and supply them for client to the best of my ability, giving you your entire appointment time on your lovely therapeutic massage. My top priority is to help you get back into balance,you heal,  and feel your best. So come on in and be pain free!

Thank-you, relax and enjoy a little bliss!

 Alicia N Keys, LMT #15489



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