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About the Practitioner

Hello and thank-you for learning a little more about me.

 I studied right here in Portland at East West Collage of Massage. I have a base in Swedish, but have also studied Thai Yoga, and Tui-Na (Chinese), and Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping, Gua Sha, and Spa. I am dedicated to nurturing and promoting balance of body & mind for all my clients through Massage, Cupping, Gua Sha and Spa Treatments. I look forward to releasing you pain and lowering your stress levels.

 My Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages incorporate many of Tui-Na and Thai techniques, and if desired cupping and occasionally Gua Sha. I typically use acupressure in most of my massages to help facilitate relaxation & healing.

 My Cupping and Gua-Sha are great for loosening muscles & connective tissue while drawing toxins up to the top allowing your body to remove them easier. It can leave marks especially if you have lots of toxins, but they typically fade in a couple of days but can last week or two. I also have a massage with CBD with and with almost no THC which helps the CBD oil and with a little more THC which as a whole plant helps the CBD work better. It will not get you high as THC does not enter the blood stream when applied topically.

I use all natural products and am completely chemical free, I also add essential oils to enhance your treatments & enjoyment.

 I occasionally volunteer for various some of the agencies are Reggae Fest (and event near Eugene), the Dragon Boat Races, and Friends of the Children (a mentor program to keep kids off the streets), etc.

 I got into Massage Therapy a because I like helping, interacting w/ people and have a strong belief in natural medicine. As a teenager due to my mother’s pain from past car and one ballet accident I had her chiropractor show me some massage strokes to help with her severe pain which introduced me to massage. Many years later when I was thinking of careers, I remembered my grandma saying that "I had the touch" when it comes to massage, how I helped my mother and even a few friends. With the little amount of massage I knew, was inspired, went to school for massage and have been enjoying giving professional massage since 2008.

 Thank-you, relax & enjoy a little bliss today!

 Alicia N Keys LMT #15489

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