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Cupping Benefits

Records have proven that ancient cultures of Greece, and China regarded cupping as a medical practice as early as 28 A.D. Over the years, the incredible power of the cupping suction have been used for many aches, ills and ailments. The powerful stimulation and increase in circulation has made a powerful difference in healing these and many other physical issues known for it. Cupping is known for it's ability to break up localized stagnation.

A list of benefits of Cupping include:

• Loosening of Tightened or Painful Muscles •  Loosened adhesion's •  To Lift connective Tissue

• Helps loosen Muscles around Pinched Nerves

• Enhance circulation in stagnant muscles • Helping Sprains or Strains to Heal Faster

• Drains excess fluids and toxins • Reducing Edema

• Reduced Fibromyalgia

• Loosens Lung Congestion • Improving Breathing in Asthma Patients

• Helps Menstrual Irregularities

• Improves Lactation

• Improves Gastrointestinal Disorders

• Stimulate the peripheral nervous system

In Chinese medical theory, the stagnation can be of just about any type: blood, qi, toxins or dampness. The suction from cupping draws stagnant energy, toxins, heat or fluid out of where it has accumulated deep within the tissues, up to body’s surface. Once close to the skin accumulated toxins can more easily be moved & eliminated through the body’s lymph system.

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