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Massage Treatments

Swedish Fusion Massage            1 1/2 HRS $125 2 HRS $150  

(Therapeutic/Relaxation)              2 1/2 HRS $180 3 HRS $215                                        

 Swedish massage is the style that most westerners traditionally think of when they think of a nice relaxing massage. It involves various, typically long soothing massage strokes and stretching. I Incorporate many of my Tui-Na (below) & Thai Yoga stretching techniques into my Swedish fusion massages for optimal results.


(Chinese Massage)                               

 Tui-Na Chinese massage uses a verity of massage strokes w/ stretching and gentle traction along meridians (energy lines inside the body) and acupressure points, helping to move and activate stagnant energy causing you pain & discomfort. Tui-Na uses both the element and Yin/Yang theories to guide the practitioner on which meridians to work for healing and well-being of the client.

Deep Tissue Massage            1 1/2 HRS $135 2 HRS $160  

(Deeply Therapeutic)             2 1/2 HRS $190 3 HRS $220

 As the name suggests goes deep into the muscle tissue, is extremely therapeutic & help you become pain free. Similar to Swedish fusion, but a little slower, typically firmer pressure, and has more stretching than of my other massages. As w/ my Swedish Fusion massage I use some Tui-Na w acupressure points & Thai Yoga stretches for optimal results.

Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage       1 1/2 HRS $135 2 HRS $160

(Luxurious/Therapeutic)                          2 1/2 HRS $185  3 HRS $230

I use various sizes of hot stones that simply melt into your muscles. I use mostly moving stones with a few stationary stones, one on the sacrum and some between the toes if desired. Hot stone Massage is very relaxing, therapeutic & has the most luxurious feel of all my massages. Due to the heat of the stones I'm able to go extra deep into the muscles for relief of those sore, stiff, achy muscles.

Cupping w Running Cups       1 HR $90 1 1/2 HRS $125

 (Deeply Healing)                      2 HRS $160 2 1/2 HRS $190 3 HRS $220

Cupping is excellent for loosening up muscles, fascia, adhesion's, moving Qi & removing toxins from the body. First oil is applied so the cups can glide smoothly. Then I apply the cups to your body, moving some and leaving some static. The cups cause a suction that loosens fascia, muscles, adhesions, and brings toxins to the surface so your body can clan out toxins easier. This treatment usually will leave marks that should fade in a couple of day but can take a week for some.

Aromabliss Treatment        $45  add-on service

Enjoy a herb, essential and CBD (cannabis oil) sugar scrub, clay mask in the area of choice followed by your scheduled Massage or Cupping with Essential and CBD oil infused massage oil in the area of concern, switching to my regular oil infused with essential oil for the rest of your body. CBD oil had been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and pain-relieving abilities. It does not have any psychoactive effects when applied topically. Disclaimer:  as my CBD oil does have trace amount of THC although unlikely it may show up in drug tests.


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